In the Dreamtime – Dream Interpretation



In the Dreamtime – Pamela Cummins provides dream interpretation for your dreams.



Welcome to July’s In the Dreamtime. This month’s dreams have interesting symbolism – colors, money, baby items, and being another person. Please read on to see what these three dreams are about.

Purple Eyes

I dreamed that I was alone in a hospital room feeling sick to my stomach, I looked in a mirror and noticed that I had purplish colored eyes Why did my eyes look that color?

Dream Interpretation

This dream doesn’t give me much to go on, but I will give you my best shot. My gut instinct is this dream has something to do with the chakras. Your second and third chakra is off. The second chakra is gut instincts, creativity, feelings, and a connection to your family/tribe. The third chakra is your personal power. I am psychically getting that you are very intuitive and spiritual, but you have blocks to be removed in order to fully be in touch with it. Your purple eye is your ability to see things in a spiritual way. When you work through your blocks, your third eye will open more.

A humorous way to look at this dream is read the rest of the dream interpretation at Bellesprit Magazine


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