In the Dreamtime – Recurring Dreams


Recurring dreams happen to get your attention to a topic or issue that you are not paying attention to. The dream will be repeated exactly the same or with differences, it will always be the same theme. Whether the recurring dreams happen once in a while or often, it is important for you to figure out how to make positive changes in your life.  The following dream is a great example of recurring dreams.


I had the same dream twice in one week. The individuals in my dream were people I went to high school with forty years ago and probably haven’t seen them but a handful of times in the forty year span.

I dreamed an individual was deceased and don’t recall knowing that individual, however my high school friend Doris knew him. I could picture her face so clearly and we were in the woods. I recall her being very nice, cute and a cheerleader. She wanted to dispose of his body without anyone knowing. I know it was a male but don’t recall if it was a husband or boyfriend. She wanted myself and another high school buddy to put him in a plastic bag and bury him.

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