How Dreams Guide Us along the Path of Life


This month the dreams have a spiritual theme to help the dreamers get in touch with what they truly desire, encourages them to pursue it, and to know they are never alone.


Here’s a dream interpretation for you. I opened the door to my apartment. On the ground are three things. One, I thought was a newspaper, but it’s a manual. White with a big orange/yellow box. No writing. On top of that is a black square, could be a box but I couldn’t tell. On top of the box is a key. The base of the key is round with a silver medallion in the center. Ornate. The key part was long and straight with three 3 ridges on it. I know it’s a symbol, but of what?


Thank you for this dream, I will give you a basic interpretation of this dream. You know… Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


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