Obama is My Kind of Lover, Hiding from Killers, and Swimming in Sewage


This month dreams have a dreamer who has a thing about Obama, hiding from Japanese men, and swimming in sewerage. What could these dreams mean? Read on to find out.


I truly have this thing about President Obama. I often dream of his spirit and being in the presence of his energy. This is not a sexual, romantic dream, but a dream of a sprit I would absolutely love as a mate. He shows so much kindness and patience with me in these dreams. Oh, and he is watching me in a good and loving way as he would like to get to know me. I truly hope this is the spirit of my future husband – true love energy.


In the dreamland symbolism is a major player, and we sometimes use famous people to help us understand an aspect of ourselves. For instance, read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


2 comments on “Obama is My Kind of Lover, Hiding from Killers, and Swimming in Sewage

    • That is hard for me to answer without knowing the full dream you had. It could have many meanings. You may feel “screwed” by a strict group or by someone in the military. The dream could be a scene from a past/present life. Or maybe you are angry at a system or military and wish you could get back at them. The wonderful thing about dream interpretation is there are so many variables and you will feel an inner click when you find the right meaning. My upcoming book “Learn the Secret Language of Dreams” will help people to interpret and understand their dreams better.

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