Pet Grief ~ Rock On Birdy Bird

IMG_20151230_182953678My parakeet, Birdy Bird, passed last Saturday and to help with the grief process I wrote a blog about it. Birdy Bird and pet grief was the topic for this week The Love Channel Show. Pet Grief is something that millions of pet owners go through; and is a necessary and normal experience. My hope is my show and blog below will help your pet grief process.


Rock on Birdy Bird

Birdy Bird has been a part of my life since October 2008 before he passed on March 19, 2016. I got my first parakeet less than two weeks after my cat, Midnite, crossed to the other side.  Birdy Bird was my rebound from the death of Midnite to help ease my grief. I knew it was unfair to get another kitty right away and got a parakeet instead. 

Poor Birdy Bird! I was still mourning Midnite and would burst out in tears. A couple of days after my purchase of the bird, it really hit me how I used Birdy Bird to get over Midnite. I thought about giving him to a friend’s daughter that loved parakeets; that night I asked God to give me a solution of what to do with my bird. Here is what I dreamed that night:

Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Love Channel Show

This show includes the blog Rock on Birdy and from Psych Central the article Grieving the Loss of a Pet by Julie Axelrod . Click to listen to the show





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