Dreams of Merlin

Merlin in Cat Tree

I am an overprotective Mom when it comes to my two spoiled cats. I keep them inside because cats live longer indoors, there is less of a chance of getting an expensive emergency vet bill, and less birds are destroyed. I also know that it is very likely that Merlin could be catnapped because he is gorgeous, when I mentioned that to my neighbor his reply was, “In a heartbeat.” Therefore, it really baffled me when I had the following two dreams of Merlin.

Merlin Dream One

There were a bunch of cats inside of my house, I petted a few as I looked for Merlin and Rhiannon. I thought one white cat was Merlin, but upon closer look it wasn’t. I had found Rhiannon and was really concerned about Merlin. I saw a bunch of feral cats outside and Merlin was with them. I was really upset that Merlin could get hurt or someone would take him.  ~ Read the second dream and more at Pamela’s Dream Blog


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