You Need to Remember That Intense, Valuable Dream

Remeber Dreamtime for New Website 2

This morning upon awakening, I tried to remember my dream, and was so annoyed that I couldn’t recall the details. The emotional aftereffects remained and I got the jiffs of my dream without the specifics. The basis of my dream was I had a task I needed to do, but got off track doing something else less important. In real life that happens to me too often. One example is I log into my email account to send someone an email, notice an email I received, read it and other emails, and then log off. Once I’m logged off, I realized I forgot to send the email; so annoying! It is human nature to forget dreams when we wake up and things we need to do during the day.

I’m lucky that I always have remembered many of my dreams. When I first got serious about learning the secret language of dreams; I recorded my dreams daily. A dream journal is a useful tool to have: you can reflect on your dreams~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog


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