Did My Intuition Save Me From Being a Victim of Crime?

9My purpose for writing this particular blog is hopefully to help people, or at least one person with my recent experience in the criminal justice system that may prevent someone from being a victim of crime. Maybe it will change someone’s mind about committing a crime? Here goes:

My journey began a few days before the end of December 2014. It was a cold day and down-pouring rain in the city of Jacksonville, NC. In fact, if it was up North it would have been one heck of a winter blizzard. I was working at home, could see through my office window two young black men walking up to my front door, and heard my doorbell rang. I thought to myself, Grrr, not another solicitor. I had bought a no soliciting sign because that’s how many solicitors came to our door. Did they read it; not many. I went to my front door and opened up the side window by the door.

Let me stop right there. You may think it was weird that I didn’t open up the front door for these two young men that’s because I had a bad experience from a previous encounter from two young, white teenagers that year. One was very rude to me when I wouldn’t buy tickets for their local school fund raising. After that incident, I started opening up the window to get rid of solicitors faster. Besides, if anyone was trying to force their way into my home, I will be able to knee them in their face, bop them on their head with my fist, or scratch their face with my sharp fingernails.

Anyhow, one of them said to me, “Let us in.” I responded, “You are not coming into my house.” Let me pause right there. If you get anything from this article I want you to get and remember the children’s basic 101 crime prevention tip – you do not allow a stranger into your home or car. You do not get into a stranger’s car or go into their home, a building, or anywhere in Mother Nature. Got it?

Then one of them said, “You can pass me your phone through the window.”

It was then I realized I had my cell phone in my hand. My response was, “You are not getting my phone.” I was about to close the window, yet I felt sorry for them because they were drenched. I said, “I can call someone for you.”

One of them looked relieved and said, “Can you call a cab and tell them to meet us down at the end of the street by the field.” I said, ‘I can do that.”

I Googled taxi services in our area and then called the cab company for a pickup service at my street location. They were standing in the downpour with no shelter across the street from my house. I opened the door and said, “I called the cab.” One of them responded, “Thank you.”

You would have thought that would have been the end of it? Well, I thought it was quite odd that they were standing out in the downpour across the street from my house, instead of going down the end of the street where they asked for the cab to come and seeking shelter across the street underneath some trees. Instead, they were looking around the neighborhood suspiciously. My intuition was saying something was wrong here. I watched one of the men walk away and my intuition kicked in telling me warning, warning. I peered out the kitchen and bedroom windows for a view of the back of the house to see if he had gone there, I didn’t see anything, although it was hard to see in the downpour.

I thought to myself, something doesn’t feel right, I’m going to call the sheriff department. They may think I’m a crazy old lady, but better safe than sorry. What happens if they come back, at least something will be on record. I wasn’t sure how the local police would respond to a damn Yankee gal, but I was going to find out. I Googled the local sheriff’s department, call the phone number I found, and told the lady on the line my story.

To my surprise she called me back a couple of minutes later and had me describe what they were wearing and doing. A couple of hours later, my doorbell rang again! I opened the side window, was about to say can I help you, when I saw a law enforcement badge on the man’s belt and I felt cop energy emanating from the other men in the background who were combing the area on my street. I said, “Oh, you’re a sheriff, I’ll let you in.” He and three other detectives/sheriffs piled into my home, most likely to get out of the down-pour. Let me tell you something, it was intimidating having all that cop energy in the house!

The Bruiser

The Bruiser

I giggled because Merlin (my 16lb, white cat) came over and started sniffing one of the detective’s shoes. The detective asked, “Does he bite?” I answered, “Sometimes.” There’s a reason I call him The Bruiser. I picked up and held Merlin while wearing a pajama set with cat patterns on them and answered their questions. Yes, I’m sure I looked like the crazy cat lady that I am.

Fast forward a few weeks later. The reason I lived in a duplex house was my boyfriend and I were doing a year test to see if we would work together as a couple. We both passed the test, our lease ended that year, and we moved into a much bigger home on the other side of the city.

In May 2016, I was surprised to get a subpoena from the county DA Office to testify for the incident that had happened over a year ago, which I hadn’t heard anything about and thought the whole thing had blown over. I spoke to the DA and he asked if I would testify. Hello! I’m not getting put in jail for refusing to testify. The DA did tell me that one of the young men died from a drug overdose. He wouldn’t tell me what happened because he didn’t want to influence me if I was to be testifying in court. He did answer my question in regards to the cab driver that the individual was okay. The DA said the young man so far wouldn’t take the plea bargain of two years imprisonment.

I ended up getting subpoenaed three times prior to my testimony in a criminal court trial. What is really funny and a coincidence aka Godcidence is my man got a letter from the county for jury service. He joked that I would walk in the courtroom and he would say, “Hi, honey” from the jury box. I jokingly responded that I would say, “Hi, honey” back. One day he was home for a lunch break from his first day of jury service and I got a call from the DA office. I was told I needed to be in court the next day. It occurred to me a few minutes later that my honey could be picked for a juror in a court trial I am to testify in, so I called the DA’s office. My man was released from a particular trial; however, he said we couldn’t discuss why or the case that I was going to be testify in.

The criminal court proceedings are something you need to experience firsthand to truly understand it! The young man was charged with two crimes, one early in the morning, and the other in the afternoon. I heard the testimony of a female cab driver who picked up the two men, the one (who died) held a gun to her head, and she said the other one seemed surprised. Although, she said he did take her car keys. Believe me! I felt guilty because she picked them up on the street I used to live on and I called the cab for them!

Before I was called to take the witness stand, the DA asked if I recognized the man. That was a while back, both of their heads were covered, and it was down-pouring rain. I wasn’t sure if it was the young man facing the criminal charges and the DA was okay with that.

I was very nervous when I gave my testimony, yet being a radio show host and teacher gave me the confidence to get through it. I was surprised that the defense lawyer didn’t ask me if I could identify his client. He did ask me in a tone that insinuated like I was a fool, “You called the police over a phone call and your intuition?” My firm response was, “I trust my intuition and I rather be safe than sorry.” I have no idea what happened in the rest of the trial after I was excused from the courtroom.

I was feeling so horrible and guilty for what happened to the female cab driver. I did email Rev. Tiffany White Sage Woman about what was going on during this time because I needed to process it and she lives in Connecticut. Here is her guide’s response to my feelings of guilt:

No. Don’t feel guilty at all. Many of us do work with karma…I know that sounds weird, but you really are helping these guys heal spiritually. They have choices…always choices. Not your fault they chose unwisely.

You ARE a spiritual teacher!!!

The young man was found guilty and got six to nine years imprisonment.

Here’s the Godcidence – my man and I discussed the case afterwards. It turns out that they asked the possible jurors if they knew any of the witnesses that were read out loud, of course my honey raised his hand. They asked what our relationship was and his response was, “She’s my girlfriend.” They asked if he could be impartial to the case and of course he said no. He didn’t say it out loud, but was thinking, you came to my house, with an intention of messing with my woman! You’re going to jail!

You may be wondering what the Godcidence is?  There is no way the defendant’s lawyer could say that I was prejudiced against his client or that was the reason I called the cops after meeting my honey. My boyfriend isn’t Caucasian nor Black – he is of a couple of heritages. To me, it doesn’t matter what a person’s race, color, or religion is; what counts is who they are inside.

If you have gotten this far, I have a request. Please pray for all individuals that were involved in this case. I can’t even imagine what the young man’s mother is going through. The young man’s first initial who is in jail is M. God will know who it is, and please pray for him most of all. You may think that is a strange request. My hope is that his time in jail doesn’t make him into a future bitter criminal. Instead, I wish that your prayers and his inner strength give him a spiritual experience to help make M become an awesome individual in society. People can change! I am completely different at 53 than I was in my twenties.

Are you thinking of making easy money by committing a crime? Is the money really worth the loss of your time? You see, time is worth so much more than money! Our time on this planet is worth more than millions of dollars. It is important to be aware of the people you associate with, stay away from the trouble makers, and spend your precious time pursuing something to help you become a greater person that contributes to making a better planet.

Did my intuition save me from becoming a victim of crime? There is a high probably that it did. I shudder to think of what could have happened to me if I had let them in my home. So remember – always trust your intuition, better safe than sorry!

What about you? Did you avoid trouble by paying attention to your intuition? Or did you get into trouble by not listening to it?



4 comments on “Did My Intuition Save Me From Being a Victim of Crime?

  1. I’m glad you did not open the door. I have a column of fixed single-pane windows on either side of my front door. Maybe I should change one of them to an opening window. The storm door outside of my main door isn’t much of a deterrent to someone who is determined.

    • Janet, so am I! They probably would have force their way through! It couldn’t hurt to change one window to an opening window; not only does it keep you safe. But surprises solicitors and makes them go away quicker 🙂 I would suggest having them install some kind of alarm on the window, too.

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