You Will Love Jan Romes’ Romance Books

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I am so honored to have been able to interviewed Jan Romes for my blog.  She writes sweet romance, which is a reflection of who she is. This romance junkie cannot get enough of her books! I bet you will feel the same way, too. Thank Goodness, she has so many to choose from as you can see from the graphic above done by Lisette Brodey. Warning, you just can’t read one! 🙂

Jan Romes - formal picHi, Pamela! It’s a joy to be here. Thank you so much for the interview. Talking about my love for books and writing is one of my favorite things to do. So fire away with the questions.

Q: How, when, and why did you start writing?

A: This question makes me dig deep. I’ve been a serious daydreamer for as long as I can remember. I’d make up stories in my head and they’d always have a happy ending. One thing that sets the romance genre apart from some of the other genres is that it requires a happy-ever-after or a happy-for-now ending, so writing romance was a good fit for me. I also write women’s fiction with elements of romance. It was exciting to put those stories down on paper (or the computer) and get them out of my head so I could go on to the next one. My first book was published by The Wild Rose Press in 2011.

Q: Why did you choose to write the romance genre?

A: I’m a hopeless romantic who believes in the gushy, googley-eyed, heart-pounding chemistry between two people – true soul mates who discover they can’t live without each other despite what internal and external conflicts try to keep them apart.

Q: How do you get your ideas and characters for your books?

A: My sister-in-law asks the same question after she finishes my latest book. I just smile and say that my mind never stops (physically, that’s a good thing…lol!). I tease her, but there’s truth at the heart of the comment. My thoughts are always in hyper-mode. I think it’s that way for most writers. One story stops and another starts. I grew up in a large family (six sisters and two brothers). When you’re entrenched with that many siblings and their different personalities you get a treasure trove of ideas to draw from.

Q: Your book No Sweat Pants Allowed – Wine Club is women’s fiction. Was the process any different and/or more challenging than romance?

A: It was a special challenge, for sure. Instead of two main characters I had four. It took a lot of organization to keep the details and personality traits straight. In place of physical intimacy, like I’d write in a romance, I had to construct a different kind of intimacy that unique to best friends. The conflicts I threw at them also had to be distinctive. It wasn’t harder or easier to write women’s fiction, it was just unlike anything I’d tried before.

Q: Why did you decide to publish some of your books through publishers, while others are self-published?

A: Excellent question, Pamela. I’m what’s known as a hybrid author; small-press published and self-published. There are upsides to both paths. I like the security of a publisher. They call the shots as to when it’s published, make the final decision on the cover art, assume the cost of editing and formatting, and have greater marketing power. With self-publishing the responsibility for all of those things, including getting the copyright and ISBN’s belong to me. I like the freedom to decide the cost of my books and when they’ll be available to the public. Since I don’t like to put all my metaphorical eggs in one basket, I’m happy to be a hybrid. Each author has to decide what they want from their writing and publishing experience.

Q: Do you have any upcoming projects?

A: I’m happy to say that today I just finished writing and editing, Sipping Sangria – book #2 in my Wine and Sweat Pants series (women’s fiction). Book #3 will begin soon. I also have an idea for a three-book romantic suspense series and hope to get that underway in early 2017.

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