How Writing a List Can Manifest Your Soul Mate

The Love Channel


Dear Pamela:

I often hear that singles should make a list of the qualities of what we desire in our soul mate to help materialize a relationship.  My question to you is shouldn’t God already know what I‘m looking for and what is best for me?

Thank you, Ruby

Dear Ruby:

For some reason I am hearing Carol King sing her song “So Far Away.”  This song relates to your feeling that a soul mate is far away and never coming. I feel great sadness within you that needs to be let go of so joy may come into your life. You are tired of waiting for your partner. But what you don’t understand is that you’re blocking a soul mate from coming into your life; by your lack of faith, looking for Prince Charming to rescue you, and not being happy with your present circumstances in life. I heard Aretha’s song “Rescue me,” please understand that a soul mate will not to save you like Prince Charming. You need to save yourself!

Yes, God knows what is best for us ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine




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