How Crystals Help Us With Our Dreams

How Crystals Help Us amethystWith Our Dreams

I love crystals and can feel the different energies from a variety of crystals. I have them all over my home, sadly, I have to keep my smaller crystals in a bowl because the cats love to play with them. Merlin and Rhiannon must love the crystal’s energies, the way it feels on their paws, and the sounds it makes when it hits something.

Do you think crystals are just rocks and have no healing properties? That’s cool! I remember a hippy chick said to me decades ago, “If a crystal makes you feel good, that’s what counts.” And you have to admit, they sure are pretty. The above crystals are from my personal collection. Here’s how they help your dreams.

Selenite – cleanses and balances the body, mind, and ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog



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