The Love Channel: We Broke Up! Will My Ex and I Get Back Together?

The Love ChannelQuestion:

Dear Pamela:

I am going through a bad break up and would like to know if we will get back together?


Hi Beth:

I’m hearing the song “Upside Down” by Dianna Ross as I get a vision of a hamster on a wheel. I also am seeing a revolving door that keeps going around and around. My guides guided me to pull a tarot card and I pulled The Hermit card.  After pulling this card my guides said, “Nothing ever changes.” Now, I’m seeing a coach doing a time out sign.

To answer your initial questions, yes I see an opportunity for your mate wanting to come back. Honestly, I can’t get if your mate is a man or woman, what I feel is masculine energy. This is the second time I got a vision of a time out sign. What’s interesting is the coach has meaning too, which I will explain later. Let me explain everything that I have gotten so far. Your partner ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


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