Dreams of Merlin

Merlin in Cat Tree

I am an overprotective Mom when it comes to my two spoiled cats. I keep them inside because cats live longer indoors, there is less of a chance of getting an expensive emergency vet bill, and less birds are destroyed. I also know that it is very likely that Merlin could be catnapped because he is gorgeous, when I mentioned that to my neighbor his reply was, “In a heartbeat.” Therefore, it really baffled me when I had the following two dreams of Merlin.

Merlin Dream One

There were a bunch of cats inside of my house, I petted a few as I looked for Merlin and Rhiannon. I thought one white cat was Merlin, but upon closer look it wasn’t. I had found Rhiannon and was really concerned about Merlin. I saw a bunch of feral cats outside and Merlin was with them. I was really upset that Merlin could get hurt or someone would take him.  ~ Read the second dream and more at Pamela’s Dream Blog


Pet Grief ~ Rock On Birdy Bird

IMG_20151230_182953678My parakeet, Birdy Bird, passed last Saturday and to help with the grief process I wrote a blog about it. Birdy Bird and pet grief was the topic for this week The Love Channel Show. Pet Grief is something that millions of pet owners go through; and is a necessary and normal experience. My hope is my show and blog below will help your pet grief process.


Rock on Birdy Bird

Birdy Bird has been a part of my life since October 2008 before he passed on March 19, 2016. I got my first parakeet less than two weeks after my cat, Midnite, crossed to the other side.  Birdy Bird was my rebound from the death of Midnite to help ease my grief. I knew it was unfair to get another kitty right away and got a parakeet instead. 

Poor Birdy Bird! I was still mourning Midnite and would burst out in tears. A couple of days after my purchase of the bird, it really hit me how I used Birdy Bird to get over Midnite. I thought about giving him to a friend’s daughter that loved parakeets; that night I asked God to give me a solution of what to do with my bird. Here is what I dreamed that night:

Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Love Channel Show

This show includes the blog Rock on Birdy and from Psych Central the article Grieving the Loss of a Pet by Julie Axelrod . Click to listen to the show




The Animal Kingdom in the DreamTime


Our February column has two dreams that both have creatures from the animal kingdom. Mother Nature’s children often come in dreams to give us messages we need to hear. This also occurs in our waking life. These two dreams will help you to discover the wisdom of nature.


I had a dream a few days back – I was closing my garage door and there was a white/silver/light colored pigeon in there and it seemed like I needed to let the pigeon out, but it so happened that the garage door closed before and I had the pigeon in – and then I woke up – what would this dream mean?


I am intuitively getting that the pigeon is symbolizing love, peace, spirituality, and getting ready to take flight. When I looked up the meaning of pigeon, it also meant family and lessons of the home.

The garage is ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Merlin’s 2010 Road Trip

M Sleeping

On a humid August day, Tommy’s truck was packed to the max with boxes. My new PT Cruiser held my wardrobe among other belongings and was hitched to the truck. Merlin a.k.a., “The Bruiser”, was in a cranky mood as I put him in the cat carrier. My father and stepmother were at my apartment in Rockaway, NJ to send me off on my eleven hour drive to my new home in Morehead City, NC.
I secured my Parakeet, Birdy Bird, in the truck. Tommy had a special spot for Merlin on top of the boxes in the middle and right behind us, so he could look out the windows. I was homesick already and nervous about how my fur and feather children would be on this long drive. To make matters worse, read the rest at Cat’s Stories



Happy Memorial Day Weekend

The greatest glory of a free-born people is to transmit that freedom to their children. ~ William Havard

IMG_0320 Here is me transmitting that freedom to my fur child, aka The Bruiser, who is having a sweet moment as he snuggles with his mommy.




May your Memorial Day Weekend be Awesome! I hope this sale makes it even better.

MM Sale 14


It’s Doggie Time on The Love Channel Show

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Join my guest, Karen Palmer,  this Tuesday 8pm ET on “Doggie Relationships”

To learn more The Love Channel Show

The following is a blog from Karen Palmer:

Lessons on Unconditional Love from a beautiful puppy named Annie

Life Lessons Learned from a pup named Annie

One day I was out walking one of the dogs I care for and met an older man named Gene with a beautiful 6 month old Yorkshire terrier named Annie. Annie had not been trained on a leash and she was tangling her lead around her owner.

He was such a nice man I really enjoyed talking with him. I gave him my card and told him I could help with training his puppy if he would like. He said he would talk to his wife about it and get back to me. His wife Diane called me back that afternoon and we met so I could assess how much training Annie would require.

When I arrived at the house, Annie was jumping, barking, and nipping. I explained that I train with the dog one on one first for the week to establish a loving leadership role. In the next week I begin to share my techniques with the owners. I brought Kaylee in to help Annie with her over excitement. I explained to Gene and Diane that Kaylee is my partner and she shows the puppies how to behave.

Read more at Positively Pets and Kids

Karen Palmer