In the DreamTime: Being Attacked and Dirty, Overflowing Toilets


This month’s In the DreamTime there are dreams about not finding a stall door that closes or locks in a crowded bathroom. And another dream of being attacked from behind. What could it mean?


I am at my elementary school, I’m in the restroom and needing to use it really bad. I cannot find one that has a door to it that I can actually close and/or lock. There is water covering the floor (as if the toilet has overflowed, and the water is crystal clear), some of the toilets are really dirty, and some just have water flowing out of them. However, none really flushes properly (they are all broken). There are other people in the restroom also and there are some outside of the entry door talking to each other. No one seems to mind the mess and the chaos but me.

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The Love Channel: We Broke Up! Will My Ex and I Get Back Together?

The Love ChannelQuestion:

Dear Pamela:

I am going through a bad break up and would like to know if we will get back together?


Hi Beth:

I’m hearing the song “Upside Down” by Dianna Ross as I get a vision of a hamster on a wheel. I also am seeing a revolving door that keeps going around and around. My guides guided me to pull a tarot card and I pulled The Hermit card.  After pulling this card my guides said, “Nothing ever changes.” Now, I’m seeing a coach doing a time out sign.

To answer your initial questions, yes I see an opportunity for your mate wanting to come back. Honestly, I can’t get if your mate is a man or woman, what I feel is masculine energy. This is the second time I got a vision of a time out sign. What’s interesting is the coach has meaning too, which I will explain later. Let me explain everything that I have gotten so far. Your partner ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

In the Dreamtime: The Secret Language of Dreams


Go Inside the Secret Language of Dreams to Understand the Messages of the Nighttime. Get Pamela’s new book, on sale now!

Welcome to In the Dreamtime! For my forty first column, I would like to take a different approach than I usually do for this column and announce my new book Learn the Secret Language of Dreams. This book couldn’t have happened without this column because a large percentage of the dreams and interpretations are from the columns. Although, I have clients and my personal dreams in the book as well.

pamela cuminsThis book draws upon my twenty five year journey of studying and helping my clients with dream communication. I spent a few weeks going through the columns to find different styles of dreams to go into the correct chapters for each dream category. The reason for this is described in the second paragraph of the dream book description:

Symbolism in dreams is not a “one size fits all.”  One symbol can mean many things. In order to understand the nature of dream symbolism more clearly, you will~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

How Writing a List Can Manifest Your Soul Mate

The Love Channel


Dear Pamela:

I often hear that singles should make a list of the qualities of what we desire in our soul mate to help materialize a relationship.  My question to you is shouldn’t God already know what I‘m looking for and what is best for me?

Thank you, Ruby

Dear Ruby:

For some reason I am hearing Carol King sing her song “So Far Away.”  This song relates to your feeling that a soul mate is far away and never coming. I feel great sadness within you that needs to be let go of so joy may come into your life. You are tired of waiting for your partner. But what you don’t understand is that you’re blocking a soul mate from coming into your life; by your lack of faith, looking for Prince Charming to rescue you, and not being happy with your present circumstances in life. I heard Aretha’s song “Rescue me,” please understand that a soul mate will not to save you like Prince Charming. You need to save yourself!

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The Love Channel: Here’s How to Find Love of a Lifetime!

The Love Channel

Are you waiting for that one true love? Read on as Pamela gives you the tools in how to find them…


Dear Pamela:

When am I going to meet someone?

Singles Around the Globe

Dear Readers:

I hear this question all the time from my clients, submissions to this column, and callers on my radio show The Love Channel Show. We humans are designed to have the instinct to find that special someone!  My guides added, “It’s in your DNA, your genes.” Of course, there are people who have been so badly wounded that deny their desire for love out of fear of being hurt again. The exception to this rule are humans who are badly damaged, such as psychopaths. ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

The Love Channel: Unlucky in Love

The Love Channel


Dear Pamela:

Why am I so unlucky in love? Why can’t I find a good man who is gonna stay with me for the rest of my life?


Dear Meredith:

When I read your question I heard, “Millions of singles looking for love,” to the tune of John Mellencamp’s song ‘Check it Out.’ The reason I heard that song is because many people are in your shoes. My guides are saying, “This is a time of the planet for women to be in their power as men have been for many centuries. Yes, it causes clashes. The time has come for ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Obama is My Kind of Lover, Hiding from Killers, and Swimming in Sewage


This month dreams have a dreamer who has a thing about Obama, hiding from Japanese men, and swimming in sewerage. What could these dreams mean? Read on to find out.


I truly have this thing about President Obama. I often dream of his spirit and being in the presence of his energy. This is not a sexual, romantic dream, but a dream of a sprit I would absolutely love as a mate. He shows so much kindness and patience with me in these dreams. Oh, and he is watching me in a good and loving way as he would like to get to know me. I truly hope this is the spirit of my future husband – true love energy.


In the dreamland symbolism is a major player, and we sometimes use famous people to help us understand an aspect of ourselves. For instance, read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

In the Dreamtime – Recurring Dreams


Recurring dreams happen to get your attention to a topic or issue that you are not paying attention to. The dream will be repeated exactly the same or with differences, it will always be the same theme. Whether the recurring dreams happen once in a while or often, it is important for you to figure out how to make positive changes in your life.  The following dream is a great example of recurring dreams.


I had the same dream twice in one week. The individuals in my dream were people I went to high school with forty years ago and probably haven’t seen them but a handful of times in the forty year span.

I dreamed an individual was deceased and don’t recall knowing that individual, however my high school friend Doris knew him. I could picture her face so clearly and we were in the woods. I recall her being very nice, cute and a cheerleader. She wanted to dispose of his body without anyone knowing. I know it was a male but don’t recall if it was a husband or boyfriend. She wanted myself and another high school buddy to put him in a plastic bag and bury him.

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In the Dreamtime – Dream Interpretation



In the Dreamtime – Pamela Cummins provides dream interpretation for your dreams.



Welcome to July’s In the Dreamtime. This month’s dreams have interesting symbolism – colors, money, baby items, and being another person. Please read on to see what these three dreams are about.

Purple Eyes

I dreamed that I was alone in a hospital room feeling sick to my stomach, I looked in a mirror and noticed that I had purplish colored eyes Why did my eyes look that color?

Dream Interpretation

This dream doesn’t give me much to go on, but I will give you my best shot. My gut instinct is this dream has something to do with the chakras. Your second and third chakra is off. The second chakra is gut instincts, creativity, feelings, and a connection to your family/tribe. The third chakra is your personal power. I am psychically getting that you are very intuitive and spiritual, but you have blocks to be removed in order to fully be in touch with it. Your purple eye is your ability to see things in a spiritual way. When you work through your blocks, your third eye will open more.

A humorous way to look at this dream is read the rest of the dream interpretation at Bellesprit Magazine

The Love Channel: Answers to Your Relationship Questions

Love channel Belle

 Hi Pamela:

I have some relationship questions for you. What do you see for my boyfriend and me at this point in our relationship? Do you see us in this for the long run? Do you see us together in the future or see what feelings he has for us at this point?


Dear Stella:

The energy I am getting on your relationship questions is it feels short yet long. I hope this makes sense. I heard two songs to validate this: “We’ve only just begun,” and “It’s been such a long time.” Now I heard – past life, which means you have been together before.

You must be very audible because I am hearing a lot already. I heard jealousy and Billy Joel’s song, “Honesty it’s such a lonely word and mostly what I need from you.” This is coming up in the reading because these issues need to be worked on. If it is not addressed ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine