In the DreamTime: Being Attacked and Dirty, Overflowing Toilets


This month’s In the DreamTime there are dreams about not finding a stall door that closes or locks in a crowded bathroom. And another dream of being attacked from behind. What could it mean?


I am at my elementary school, I’m in the restroom and needing to use it really bad. I cannot find one that has a door to it that I can actually close and/or lock. There is water covering the floor (as if the toilet has overflowed, and the water is crystal clear), some of the toilets are really dirty, and some just have water flowing out of them. However, none really flushes properly (they are all broken). There are other people in the restroom also and there are some outside of the entry door talking to each other. No one seems to mind the mess and the chaos but me.

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How Crystals Help Us With Our Dreams

How Crystals Help Us amethystWith Our Dreams

I love crystals and can feel the different energies from a variety of crystals. I have them all over my home, sadly, I have to keep my smaller crystals in a bowl because the cats love to play with them. Merlin and Rhiannon must love the crystal’s energies, the way it feels on their paws, and the sounds it makes when it hits something.

Do you think crystals are just rocks and have no healing properties? That’s cool! I remember a hippy chick said to me decades ago, “If a crystal makes you feel good, that’s what counts.” And you have to admit, they sure are pretty. The above crystals are from my personal collection. Here’s how they help your dreams.

Selenite – cleanses and balances the body, mind, and ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog


Take a Sneak Peek into Learn the Secret Language of Dreams

Take a Peek

Ten months ago, I announced my upcoming eBook was available for preorder through Smashwords and their eBook distributors. The title gives you a general idea what the book is about, today I will reveal even more with the eBook’s introduction:

The journey of learning and understanding your personal dream symbolism is a lifelong process; you must be willing to dedicate the time to write down your dreams, observe recurring symbols, and look within to see the truth of where you are in your current life. Many people seem daunted by this prospect because we live in an instant gratification world. They want to know why they dreamed of swimming in a cesspool or being chased by someone, so they think the answer lies in a dream dictionary. These types of dream books are a good start, yet one symbol could have many meanings, and when you mix in each individual with their different life stories, one symbol has endless interpretations. You will learn more about this in Chapter One regarding dream symbolism.

This eBook, Learn the Secret Language of Dreams, will introduce you to the different styles of dreams that occur in the dreamtime to aid you in understanding what the dream language is all about. You may be asking yourself ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Discover What Dreaming of Quotes in a Painting Means



I was at a seminar, where I met a lady that came to the lounge area in a restroom. This lady had purchased a piece of art work painting that had nothing but quotes, sayings, and messages. She asked me to read one of the statements because she could not see it well enough to read it (I don’t remember what the statement was). Also, somehow another series of statements, sayings, and quotes appeared. I believe this set came from a website on her laptop. I then told her that it must be my intention to give her a message. When I made that statement a woman appeared behind a glass window, along with another woman, and a man standing behind her. They appeared in animation form and I had a feeling of her mother and grandparents.

Interpretation ~ read the interpretation at Bellesprit Magazine 

You Need to Remember That Intense, Valuable Dream

Remeber Dreamtime for New Website 2

This morning upon awakening, I tried to remember my dream, and was so annoyed that I couldn’t recall the details. The emotional aftereffects remained and I got the jiffs of my dream without the specifics. The basis of my dream was I had a task I needed to do, but got off track doing something else less important. In real life that happens to me too often. One example is I log into my email account to send someone an email, notice an email I received, read it and other emails, and then log off. Once I’m logged off, I realized I forgot to send the email; so annoying! It is human nature to forget dreams when we wake up and things we need to do during the day.

I’m lucky that I always have remembered many of my dreams. When I first got serious about learning the secret language of dreams; I recorded my dreams daily. A dream journal is a useful tool to have: you can reflect on your dreams~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Are Dream Dictionaries Reliable in Their Interpretation?

Dog in a Dream

Last Saturday, I was browsing the metaphysical section of Barnes and Nobles in Wilmington, NC, when I noticed a teenage girl holding a huge dream dictionary. I overheard the young teenager say to her mother, “Look at this huge dictionary, I wonder if it really helps?” I couldn’t resist going over and putting in my two cents.

I introduced myself as a Dream Interpreter and asked for permission to talk about the subject, which they gave. I told them that a dream dictionary was a good basic reference, but dream interpretation was a lot more complicated. Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Who Am I in This Dream?

Is it me blog

Has this happened to you? Did you ever have a dream where you knew it was you, yet looked like someone else? Perhaps, you dream about another person being the main character in a dream, and wasn’t sure if it was you or not. This is so weird when it happens. I had one of those dreams on Monday night and here it is.

I looked different, but somehow felt it was me, or maybe it wasn’t. This woman had just come back from spending a month in Mexico from hanging out with a ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog

Progress on Upcoming Book


The Secret Language of Dreams

I am thrilled to announce that the second draft of my dream book has been edited by my editor. Yesterday, I went to Staples to get a printed copy of my manuscript to do more revisions. Typos and other errors are much easier to catch on paper versus a computer screen. Once I scrutinize and correct any mistakes, I will print another copy to send to my other editor in late April or early May.

I am crossing my fingers and hoping that I release the eBook a month or two earlier than the pre-order date of August 6, 2016. The advantage of preordering The Secret Language of Dreams is you will save money! Right now the cost of the eBook is ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog


Hair Dream


I had this dream and forgot about it until yesterday when I was getting my hair done. A salesman stopped by my hairdresser’s salon to see if Stacey wanted to purchase his products. She told him that she had given the samples to two of her customers and were waiting for their feedback. He said, “Okay, I will be back next Thursday and here is another sample.”

Stacey handed me the sample and when my hand held the small bottle it triggered a memory of my dream.

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