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I want to thank my subscribers and all of those who have read Pamela’s Psychic Insights since its creation in November 2011. You may have noticed that I have been spending less time here. That’s because I have been busy with my other websites and blogs.

I’m still exploring love and intuition with my website Successful Relationships and for the year 2017 I will be writing weekly Love Affirmations. You may have noticed that some of the past posts here have been from my other blog Pamela’s Dream Blog.

Learn Dream InterpretationI’m happy to announce my new and improved Learn Dream Interpretation website that includes a blog. Obviously, the majority of the upcoming blogs will be on the fascinating subject of the dreams of the nighttime, although there will also be posts about relationships dreams. Please check out my new blog and if you like to become a follower.

Thanks you again and hugs to all of those who have read this blog. As a human being, I’ve only had so much time; and choose to let this particular blog go. Please keep in touch.


Pamela Cummins



The Love List


People spend years in school to help create their careers in life. We search the internet for the perfect car, latest mobile phone, or the right doctor. What humans neglect and get very little knowledge on is personal relationships, especially love relationships. We believe a love relationship will come magically come into our lives and make everything better. The society helps to that belief through movies and romance novels. If relationship and parenting skills were required educations, what a better world this would be.

The example I like to use is, “Would you go into an auto dealership and ask for a vehicle?” The salesperson would give you a strange look and ask for more details – make, model, two door, four door, new, used, and color. You might be thinking I would never do that and know what kind of vehicle you want. My question to you is,…. Read the rest at SW Experts


Self-Growth Measured By Magnets

IMG_0735I bet you are thinking to yourself, “What is this woman talking about? How in the world can you gauge your self-growth by magnets?” Let me explain, I love magnets the way most women love shoes. I started to collect magnets in my thirties and boy have they expanded beyond what you see in the picture.

In the nineties, I was dating a man who took me on his business trip to Atlantic, Georgia. On one of his days off, I wanted to either go to the Coca-Cola factory or the zoo. He chose the latter. At the gift store I bought a lion magnet and stuffed tiger. He thought those were the strangest things to buy and made remarks about it. It became very apparent during and after this trip that we were not right for each other. What was this crazy cat lady thinking of dating a man who was allergic to cats!

One of the biggest accelerator in self-growth is for people who are self-employed as healers, psychics, authors, coaches, etc. Sure, we need to learn what we specialize in, business skills, marketing, and paperwork. Those lessons seem simple compared to the lesson of self-confidence to charge what you are worth, when people want either freebies or lower prices. The self-employed also need to make boundaries with their time, what they are willing to do for their clients, subcontractors, and/or colleagues, and not to put up with unacceptable behavior.

The most important lesson for those in business for themselves is TRUST! Trust that the clients will come. Trust this is the right business to be in. Trust that the business will grow. And the scariest is trust that the bills will be met. This was a huge lesson for me. So what does that have to do with magnets? When I lived in New Jersey (in a very expensive county) the majority of my homes were with roommates. One of the things I would have to share besides the inside of the refrigerator was the outside. That’s right, often my roommates had their own magnets they wanted to put on the outside. How I disliked that, especially if they had magnets that I thought were ugly! I also couldn’t place them the way I wanted with my limited space. One man, who I went out on a couple of dates with, thought I was being ridiculous. That was the first red flag.

My last place in New Jersey had a very tiny fridge. I was able to put some of my magnets on the fridge, but not all of them because it was so small. In fact, the whole place was tiny. One man (who we kind of dated, but nothing ever amounted of it) asked, “Do you really need all those magnets?” I went through a lot of challenges during that time and he wasn’t very supportive. I ended up moving South to my sister’s home in North Carolina.

At the same time I was working with clients and as a subcontractor for psychic lines. The majority of the clients weren’t ready to make the changes for themselves, which would ripple more positive changes in their lives and all their relationships. It occurred to me that I was attracting these clients and I needed to do the work to make the changes I wanted in my life. Because I wasn’t happy with the way my business was going.

I moved into my own place. The majority of my refrigerator was covered in magnets! I continued to work on my first book and my business. I met a very nice man that understood how magnets symbolized my freedom from roommates and my personal growth. When we walk into a store that sells magnets, he will tease me by saying, “No.” But either stays or goes to another part of the store as I make my magnet choices.

Fast forward to today. I have more magnets, some I bought. Other magnets were given to me by family and friends. They are now on the top part of my fridge, the side of the refrigerator, and the beginning of a collection of “Cat Only” magnets on my file cabinet.

My magnet collection represents my life today. I have created (with the help of God, my Angels, and Guides) an awesome life! I live with my life mate in a comfortable house. I have written three books and am starting another one. The majority of my clients are willing to work on themselves to make the positive changes in their lives. Even the ones who weren’t before, are now taking baby steps. Today, I am a better businesswoman. Most important of all – I am happy with my business, life, and the direction it is going.

Is there room for growth in my business and personal life – absolutely! Or I wouldn’t be on the planet Earth. Instead, I would be eating Bon-Bon’s with my higher power in Heaven.

What about you? What is your personal symbol that measures your personal growth? Are you happy with your life? Are you willing to do the work and make the changes to make your life even more awesome?

I hope by sharing my personal story, it will inspire you to manifest your dream life! It all begins by taking the first step……

cuffThis article was published in the April 2014 Off The Cuff

The Love Channel ~ January Column

Love channel Belle




Dear Pamela:
My name is Mike, I have 2 kids, and never been married.  I’m from the UK, but right now I am in Florida. My religion is Christianity and I’m Business man as a Fashion Designer. I’m looking for the right honest, caring, kind, trustworthy, God fearing woman that loves me and I love her forever. Do you see that happening and when?
God Bless,
Dear Mark,
I got a vision of a woman in a black dress Read the rest at …… Bellesprit Magazine


December 2014 – In the Dream Time


This month’s dream demonstrates how dreams can have several different styles to it. Environmental dreams happen when something happens before bedtime or while we’re sleeping. In solution dreams our denial or lack of time to deal with things in our waking hours comes out in our dreams. This style of dream will always reveal our true self and feelings regarding a circumstance. Prophetic dreams show the possibility of or written in stone future. Read on to see all these dream styles in this lady’s dream.


Following an argument with my wife regarding her unambitious adult daughter, whom she defends, I had a very vivid dream. In it, I had had enough and was trying to leave. Every time I tried, they tried to have me institutionalized. I finally broke away and found myself outside desperately trying to collect playing cards that were scattering around and fluttering away from me. The cards depicted two nude women on them, which I assume from tarot means the lovers, as we are lesbians. Please help!!! Read the answer in Bellesprit Magazine


Remembering Your Dreams







What Dreams?

I have been reading your column for a while and I just don’t get it. How in the world can people go into such detail with their dreams?  I never remember mine. Occasionally, I will wake up in a sweat, heart pounding, and feeling afraid. How can I remember mine?

Remembering Your Dreams

That is a great question! There are many people who have trouble remembering their dreams. Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Endings and New Beginnings

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Have you ever felt that changes were coming but did not know how it would happen? It can be scary and exciting at the same time. This is what happened to me and I just had to share it!

For the last five months I have been hemming and hawing about what to do about one of my two radio shows. Should I keep it or let my Tuesday evening show go? The Love Channel Show on Tuesday evenings on Blogtalk Radio is all about educating the public and interviewing wonderful guests. I was getting much more archive listens than live listeners. Decisions, Decisions, how us Libras dislike making decisions!

A couple of weeks ago I felt the push to let the live show go and possibly do podcasts in 2015. I am keeping my Wednesday, 3pm Eastern, The Love Channel Show with True Psychic Networks Pamela-Cummins-TPN-Radio-300x232on Blogtalk Radio. I do free psychic readings mixed in with a topic for each show. That felt right to me, and for some reason I didn’t book the November 4th evening show. I wonder if it was because of Mercury Retrograde and maybe one of my shows would have issues that would need to be rescheduled for that day.


One of my friends has been pushing me to do outside work for quite some time and when I moved to Jacksonville, NC I decided to give it a go. I spent a day with my niece last February in Wilmington, NC, dropping off a resume with a business card to a number of places. At Harmony Yoga I said to my niece, “This place feels familiar. I think I been here before or dreamed about it.” I didn’t get a response from anyone. So I decided to send out a bunch of emails to local businesses in Jacksonville instead of stopping by. Again, nothing happened. So I let the idea of working outside of my home go.

In September I got a reading from Belle Salibsury and she told me to look for outside work. That there was a place that I would fit right in. I thought to myself, “Been there, done that, not going to do it again.” Besides, I love working from home in my jammies. Although there was another part of me that had cabin fever and wanted to do in-person sessions.

A few days after I made the choice to let go of my radio show, I got the message from my guides to look for outside work. I said to God, “OK God, if you want me to work outside of the house, bring it to me because I’m not going to look for it.”

The next day I got an email from the owner of Harmony Yoga bg_iid5in Wilmington to get in touch with her regarding an office share with another intuitive. When I called, she said to me, “I walked into my office, put my coffee cup down, and coffee spilled onto your card. I thought to myself, “Why don’t I get in touch with her about the office?” How cool is that, God in action!

The reason I did not book a show on November 4th was that will be my first day at my new office! I do have a commitment for a guest on November 11th so I will miss a Tuesday at the office. My last show will be Monday, November 17th, and the topic is Gratitude.

If you are ever in Wilmington, NC, please stop by and see me at my office. I am excited about my new beginnings there. I hope by sharing my experience, it will help you to trust and go with the flow!


Ewww, Bugs


The world of bugs for the most part creeps me out, yet certain bugs have fascinated me. I can still remember at the age of five being memorized as I watched an ant tribe at work. Lightening bugs are what started me on crafting jewelry. I used to pull their lights off and make rings and bracelets out of them!
My Father almost had a heart attack when I let out a blood cudgeling scream. He ran into the bathroom. I pointed into the tub and said, “Spider.” I don’t remember the details of my dream when I was nine or ten, what I do remember is dreaming about bugs in a negative way. Imagine my relief when I woke up and remembered that it was wintertime. I never wanted summer to come.
In the mid to late 80’s, I had my own apartment in Parsippany, New Jersey that had an infestation of water ants. My place had an exterminator over a couple of times. It was wintertime, I had no control over the heat, and it was always very hot in my place. So hot that I always got dressed for work five to ten minutes before I left so I wouldn’t sweat in my work clothes. My clothes needed ironing and I turned on the iron about fifteen minutes before I had to leave. I got ready to iron my clothes and all these ants came pouring out of the iron. The water inside the iron was getting hot and they didn’t want to get boiled alive. Needless to say, I freaked, went to work in wrinkly clothes, and my former landlord got a phone call!
Four years ago this Jersey Girl moved to Morehead City, North Carolina. I was driving around wondering what all this stuff on my windshield was. It dawned on me that what was all over my windshield was bug’s guts, yuck! One summer the mosquitos were so bad that they were biting my ankles in the car when my foot was on the gas petal. And the cats need flea treatment all year round. Gotta love Eastern Carolina.
The other wonderful, gross bugs in Eastern Carolina are water bugs aka Cucarachas. It doesn’t matter how clean mine or anyone’s house is, we still got them. My kitty, Merlin, liked to flip them over, and spin them around. He, he, he, good kitty! They usually were downstairs but one night Merlin chased one upstairs. After a while Merlin got tired of playing with the bug and left it on the floor a few feet by my bed. I told Merlin to, “Get the buggie.” He gave me a kitty yawn, turned his head, and refused to save me from the bug.
I knew there was no way I could read, let alone sleep later, knowing this gross bug was in my room. It could crawl on me while I was asleep. So, I grabbed my Charka spray that has a bunch of different essential oils in it. I sprayed that sucker good. The Cucaracha was walking funny but not dead. So I grabbed a bottle of “Sweet Pea” spray and doused him good. He was very weak, I grabbed a half a roll of toilet paper, scooped him up, and flushed the disgusting bug down the toilet. OK, I felt guilty about torturing the poor thing afterwards. It would have been more humane to kill the water bug quickly. But I did suffer because my room stank from the Charka oil and “Sweet Pea,” gag!
Got any bug stories to share?