Dreams Can Give Glimpses of the Future


Here’s a benefit of learning dream interpretation: your dreams can give you insights and flashes of what your future will be. It takes time to learn the feeling of a precognitive dream, yet it is well worth the effort. Your premonition dreams rarely give you direct information on how your future will exactly be, although it does happen.  Instead, you will receive glimpses of your future through symbolism.

Are you, like me, where you have dreams that switch from one scene to another scene almost like a play would? Sometimes, you can remember all acts, while other times one stands out more than another. The latter is what recently happened to me and I would like to share two dream segments occurring on different nights.

First Dream Scene

I was in labor lying on a portable hospital bed in the hallway while waiting for a room to become available. My belly was gigantic! A Priest came by and asked ~ Read the rest at Pamela’s Dream Blog


Body Messages in Your Dreams



This month’s column is dedicated to dream’s meanings in regards to our bodies. Does it really mean we are having health issues? Or do these dreams mean something else?


All I remember about the dream is I was at a Doctor’s office who was looking at my foot and said, “You only have 10 months.” Then I woke up.


This dream doesn’t give me much to go on because it is so short. I also don’t know what is going on in your life. However, it is an interesting dream and will give it my best shot.

Feet represent being grounded and that means being present in the moment on the planet Earth. We need our feet to be able to move our body. And our feet also are able to withstand a lot; think about how much weight is on them when we walk. Read more at BELLESPRIT MAGAZINE

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December 2014 – In the Dream Time


This month’s dream demonstrates how dreams can have several different styles to it. Environmental dreams happen when something happens before bedtime or while we’re sleeping. In solution dreams our denial or lack of time to deal with things in our waking hours comes out in our dreams. This style of dream will always reveal our true self and feelings regarding a circumstance. Prophetic dreams show the possibility of or written in stone future. Read on to see all these dream styles in this lady’s dream.


Following an argument with my wife regarding her unambitious adult daughter, whom she defends, I had a very vivid dream. In it, I had had enough and was trying to leave. Every time I tried, they tried to have me institutionalized. I finally broke away and found myself outside desperately trying to collect playing cards that were scattering around and fluttering away from me. The cards depicted two nude women on them, which I assume from tarot means the lovers, as we are lesbians. Please help!!! Read the answer in Bellesprit Magazine


Ode to Midnite


My next blog series will be on four of my animal babies. Many of you know how much I love my pets and animals. The following is an article that I wrote when I worked on Psychic Source back in 2008.

Animals are God’s greatest gift to humans. Pet owners will learn the lesson of unconditional love that animals give. Unlike humans, pets love their owners for who they are at any given moment. Whether we are having a bad hair day, are in a bad mood, or are being mean to them, they still love us.

Pets can also drive us crazy. They will poop or puke on our clean carpet, destroy our property, whine or cry, and wake us up in the middle of night or crack of dawn.  They do not always behave the way we want way we want, for example, beg for food or crave attention when we are busy. Dogs bark when we are on the phone or watching a real good TV show.  Cats love to lie on the keyboard or tarot cards when we are working. Love them anyway, they teach us so much, and it is our pleasure to serve them.

If you are very lucky, God might gift you with an extremely special, soul mate relationship with a pet, which will be unique to all your other pets. I was fortunate to have that with my kitty, Midnite.  We communicated very well with each other. I understood her different meows and body language. We would communicate telepathically with each other. I can’t tell you how many times she would join in my meditations when I was in church or other groups of people. She understood a huge vocabulary of words and loved when I spoke to her in baby talk. One friend commented when I got her in 12/99 (she was almost two), that I was teaching my cat “Bad English.” Yet another friend recently thanked me, because I taught her to talk to animals like they are human.

Midnite taught me to enjoy sitting in the sun, to slow down and enjoy the moment, and to enjoy good food.  She also taught me to enjoy playing with her and allowing my inner child out. Most important was the lesson of our lovey, dovey time and the unconditional love we shared.

Because of my psychic abilities it was easier to understand the message Midnite and my Angels were sending me. In a dream I was informed of her upcoming passage. Over the next few days when I chose tarot cards concerning Midnite I would get transformation, completion, sadness, and moving forward, no matter how many times I tried to change it.

Midnite ended up crossing over in my arms on 10/11/2008 as I sang, kissed, and stroked her.  In my grief, I‘m not sure of the time of her exact passing. I would like to believe that it was at a point when we were heart to heart and I felt such peace, love, and acceptance. That night Midnite came to me in my dream. She was purring happily and rubbed up against my leg. When I reached out to pet and hold her, she jumped up on my window sill and disappeared. She was letting me know that she was happy and free.

In closing, I’d like to say love your animals even when they stain the carpet. Do your best to spend as much time with them as possible, enjoy the moment, and love them. Midnite, I love you, you are in Momma’s heart forever. It is better to have love and lost, than never to have loved at all.

If you look closely at the photo below, you will see a huge mat close to what I called – “Her pretty, white spot.” Oh, how she hated it when I said, “You got a huge mattiepoo, Momma’s got to cut that out!” Meow, hisssssssssss!

Midnite fixed

Dreams Connect Us to the Other Side


My clients often ask me if a deceased loved one came to them in their dreams.  The majority of the times my guides say yes. In the dream time our energy vibration is at a higher level so it is much easier for those on the other side to make contact. These types of dreams occur a lot after a loved one has passed away, often a few days afterwards. It is their way of saying I am OK. My clients will say it felt so real, like they were really there. That is a huge sign that it was real. Sometimes our loved ones may appear younger, when they felt at their best.

Although I heard a ton of these types of dreams from my clients, I remember mine best. So I will give my own personal examples.  The following dream is an example of how we are warned of an upcoming death, this has happened to me twice with my Mom and my cat, Midnite (I wrote an article on that and will post it in a future blog).

Less than two weeks before Christmas 91, I dreamed that I was in bed sleeping on my side, when I felt a tug on my hair. I was terrified because that was at the height of my PTSD dreams.  I got the courage to turn over and look at who had pulled my hair. It was my Mother. No words were exchanged, only the most incredible, intense feeling of love I have ever felt in my waking and dream life. When I woke up, I thought that my mother had died. I received a phone call from my sister to see if I wanted to go visit Mom, of course I went. She died on Christmas Eve.

The day that Midnite died I dreamed of her. She made her cute little meow sound and rubbed up against my leg. I was so happy to see her because she had died and reached out to grab her. She rushed by me, jumped on the window ledge, and disappeared into the sky.

Nine months later I got the worst craving to get another cat. I know I’m such a “Crazy Cat Lady.” My friend, Virginia, commented, “How funny nine months later you want a cat, it’s almost like you are giving birth.”  I ended up with Merlin, aka “The Bruiser.”

A few months later, I had a dream that Midnite got down from a pedestal and Merlin climbed up on top. I intuitively got that Midnite would no longer visit me and it was Merlin’s time. Believe me he knows he is on the pedestal and acts like the Alpha of the family!

This dream happened in a time of my life that I was going through a lot of emotional pain. I was lying on a table surrounded by a bunch of spiritual beings that were healing me, especially in the heart area. It was very safe and felt so healing. After that dream my heart literally felt so much better!

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Coming Soon – Blog Series on Dreams


In the dream world there are many different types of dreams. My upcoming blogs will cover these.

I will also be offering discounts on dream interpretations, so write down your dreams.

If you are new to this blog, please check out my 2/29/12 post on Precognitive Dreams.

Sweet Dreams!


Precognitive Dreams

Prec dreams

Dreams have always fascinated me and I love interpreting a client’s dream.  Lots of times I get a couple of meanings for a dream and the dreamer usually knows which one fits best for them.  Precognitive dreams are foretelling of future events.  It is a good idea to keep a dream journal and write down your dreams upon awakening. This will help you to understand your dreams and personal symbolism.  Be patient because you are learning a new language and there are many styles of dreams. A dream could be a past event, solving a problem, releasing buried emotions, lucid dreaming, etc.

Precognitive dreams tend to be more vivid, are remembered more easily, and convey an inner knowing that this is the future. A few precognitive dreams show the future close to the way it happens.  The majority are symbolic and need to be analyzed.  Others precognitive dreams need future events to happen in order to understand them better. The following examples are three of my own personal dream that show each type of precognitive dreams just described.

In my twenties I had a dream about being in my grammar school gymnasium.  There was a nice looking man with dark hair, a beard, and mustache.  I do not remember the words, but the feeling I got was that he wanted to control me. I felt like I needed to get away from him. Feelings are very important in a dream to help interpret it.  A few months go by, when I was at a party and the man in my dream introduced himself to me.  I was shocked but remembered the dream’s warning. He chased after me very hard, but I kept my distance. I found out later that although he was in his late twenties, he had been married three times. He obviously had issues with relationships and I was thankful I did not become involved with him.

In 1991 I was working as a bookkeeper at a car dealership. I really disliked this job. In my dream I had just finished watching the first part of a movie and was very excited to watch the second half.  A couple of the salesmen and the service manager were there. One of the salesmen told me not to bother watching the second half that it was not worth it. I was upset and angry by that because I really wanted to watch it. Then the bottom of service manager’s shoe really stood out, I notice there was a hole and another little hole was starting.

I woke from that dream knowing exactly what it meant because I had been working with symbolism of dreams for a number of years. The first part of the movie was my life up to then.  The second part of the movie was what my life could be like in the future.  The salesman telling me not to bother meant to stay stuck as I was, and it made me upset and angry.  The holes in the service manager’s shoe told me that the job was giving me a “hole in my soul” and if I stayed it would only get worse. After I had that dream I continued my education in the healing and psychic arts. In 1993 I left that job and began my practice.

The next dream I had about two years ago confused me. I thought I had interpreted it correctly, but it was only after certain events happened that I got its meaning.  I dreamed that I was upstairs in an office building looking at an office to rent. It looked like a combination of offices that I had rented in Morris County, NJ.  The office needed to be cleaned up and part of the floor was unsafe and needed to be fixed. I continued walking into another room and noticed there was some old furniture that needed to be thrown out.  I walked back into the other room and there was my sister happily hammering away at some new boards in the floor.

A few weeks later I looked into renting office space in Boonton, NJ (that was on the second floor) for workshops. I felt that was what the dream meant. Fast forward a few months. After a series of unfortunate events, it became evident that it was time for this Jersey girl to leave NJ.  I decided to move in temporarily with my sister in NC. I gave away my old furniture because I was moving to the furniture capital of the country. It was cheaper to buy new stuff than the cost of moving it and storage.  I lived there for a month when it occurred to me what the dream meant.  The combination of the offices in NJ meant I was taking my knowledge with me and moving my business. The need to clean up and get rid of furniture was what I had to do when I left my old place. And my sister hammering away at the floor was symbolic for her helping me with the foundation of living in NC. Pretty cool, huh.  The bonus is I have my own place that I work out of now for over a year and am very happy here.

As you can see precognitive dreams are there to help us with our lives. Have you ever had a precognitive dream?