Thank You!


I want to thank my subscribers and all of those who have read Pamela’s Psychic Insights since its creation in November 2011. You may have noticed that I have been spending less time here. That’s because I have been busy with my other websites and blogs.

I’m still exploring love and intuition with my website Successful Relationships and for the year 2017 I will be writing weekly Love Affirmations. You may have noticed that some of the past posts here have been from my other blog Pamela’s Dream Blog.

Learn Dream InterpretationI’m happy to announce my new and improved Learn Dream Interpretation website that includes a blog. Obviously, the majority of the upcoming blogs will be on the fascinating subject of the dreams of the nighttime, although there will also be posts about relationships dreams. Please check out my new blog and if you like to become a follower.

Thanks you again and hugs to all of those who have read this blog. As a human being, I’ve only had so much time; and choose to let this particular blog go. Please keep in touch.


Pamela Cummins