So Long “The Love Channel Show”

October 26, 2016 is the Last Radio Show

love-channel-showMany different feelings came up when I decided to end my radio show, which I have been doing since July of 2012. My decision was NOT because of issues with Rev. Tiffany White owner of Goldylocks Production. Instead, this was what held me back for months because I just love Tiffany and will miss our weekly messaging during the show. By the way, if you’re looking for someone to host your radio show, I highly recommend Goldylocks Production.

Back in 2012, I started hosting my radio show with Psychics Gone Wild and for six months or so I did another educational show for them before they dropped the second network. During my time with Psychics Gone Wild, I attempted to do a show with Hey Z Radio. And I mean attempted! You see, to broadcast shows with them, I had to run their complicated switchboard on my computer; I would be a nervous wreck trying to run the switchboard and host a show. Blogtalk Radio has their switchboard on their website and is very easy to do; therefore, I ran another show by myself there. Eventually my Angels and Guides guided me to leave Psychics Gone Wild and a few months later pushed me towards True Psychic Network. I continued to do two shows for a while longer; eventually I got tired of doing everything by myself and stopped my own show. True Psychic Network folded, I followed Tiffany to her own production company, and I have been there for over a year. Whew, that’s some radio show history!

Here are the pros of doing radio:

  • Interviewing interesting guests.
  • Educating my listeners.
  • Choosing topics that I’m passionate about.
  • Meeting quality radio show callers.
  • Learning from my guests and callers.
  • Improving my speaking skills.
  • Marketing my business in an educational way.
  • Lastly, my shows are archived to be listened to again and again.

Here are the cons of doing radio:

  • A guest that barely talks during an interview.
  • The guest who takes over my show and I can’t get a word in.
  • Guests who are a no show, thankfully that only happened once.
  • A caller (not a guest) who tries to hijack the radio show or promotes their business. Really? Don’t expect to be a guest on my show ever!
  • Psychic whores who call as many shows as possible on Blogtalk Radio for free readings. This is the reason I allow only one question from a caller per show.
  • Guests who are difficult about giving me their information – doesn’t email it in, tells me to take it off their website, sends me a very long bio when I asked for one paragraph, and I even wrote a bio for a guest who didn’t have one because they were afraid to write it.
  • Blogtalk Radio moments are what we call technical difficulties which happens occasionally; especially around Mercury Retrograde. Once I was running the switchboard while hosting a show and they dropped my phone line. Luckily, my guest knew what was going on and covered for me until I was able to get back on the show.

Would you like to know why I am ending my show? Honestly, I am burnt out on it. Now, I understand how TV stars feel when they are doing the same role on a show for years; they love it, but get bored of doing it over and over. When you let go of the old, it allows the new to come in. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me! You can listen to my last four shows (I’m taking  October 5th off) at The Love Channel Show on Goldylocks Production.


The Love Channel: Unlucky in Love

The Love Channel


Dear Pamela:

Why am I so unlucky in love? Why can’t I find a good man who is gonna stay with me for the rest of my life?


Dear Meredith:

When I read your question I heard, “Millions of singles looking for love,” to the tune of John Mellencamp’s song ‘Check it Out.’ The reason I heard that song is because many people are in your shoes. My guides are saying, “This is a time of the planet for women to be in their power as men have been for many centuries. Yes, it causes clashes. The time has come for ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

The Love Channel: Trust the Process of Your Love Relationship

Love channel BelleDear Pamela,

Fred and I have known each other in a roundabout way for years. We are supposed to finally get together for coffee soon. I know he is trying to get out of a “sticky” relationship that he has been in since 2012. He owns a business and has another part time job as well. I feel we are meant to be together finally this year. I am 55 years old and am a widow since 2002.

Thank you,

Dear Doris:

I immediately heard the Beatles sing, “We can work it out,” upon reading your question. I am now hearing the song lyrics, “It appears to be a long time,” and “Long and winding road.” My guides are adding, “The journey is long and hard, with boulders and rocks along the way.”

What all the above means is this relationship is not an overnight success. It took a long time just to meet for coffee and for some reason I feel lots of delays with that. I’m not sure if the delays are in the past or present. I just heard two Jim Morrison songs, “Take it easy baby, take it as it comes,” and “Let it roll, baby, roll.” When there are delays in… Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Love and Relationships during the Holidays

Dear Pamela: Will I meeThe Love Channel t someone by Christmas? What is my boyfriend getting me for the holidays? Is he going to propose to me on Christmas, Hanukkah, or New Years? Will he ask me out for New Year’s Eve?

Clients of Holidays Past

Dear Readers:

These are the types of questions I used to get during the holidays when I worked for the psychic lines, especially the popular lines that psychics called “The minimum wage for psychic lines.” I did my best to be compassionate, however, by the twelfth call in a row about the same subjects it started to become monotonous.  I do understand how holidays can bring up emotions, fears, and desires for my former clients. These questions ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine



The Love Channel – July 2015

Love channel Belle

The Love Channel – Let go of a past relationship and move forward is the message love expert, Pamela Cummins gives to her reader’s question.


Dear Pamela:

When I got together with my ex-boyfriend about two and a half years ago, it was at a very difficult time in my life. I broke up with him several times and then ran back. After the third time, he refused to take me back. We have been apart for a year and a half now. After I begged and begged for him to come back, he refused to continue the cycle. I discontinued calling him. After 6 months, he called me and we were talking once in a while for the last six months without no progression. At one point, I said to him, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time and we don’t even know if we would still like each other-wouldn’t you kind of like to know?” He replied,~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine


The Love Channel – Finding Love and a Relationship

Love channel Belle

This month Love Expert Pamela Cummins answers questions from our readers about finding love and entering into a relationship.


Dear Pamela:

My name is June. I have been divorced for four years and I am having no luck at finding love again. Will I ever find someone and how long will it be before I find it?

Thank you very much,

Dear June:

I got two things immediately, while reading your question. The first thing I heard was ~ read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

The Love Channel: Answers to Your Relationship Questions

Love channel Belle

 Hi Pamela:

I have some relationship questions for you. What do you see for my boyfriend and me at this point in our relationship? Do you see us in this for the long run? Do you see us together in the future or see what feelings he has for us at this point?


Dear Stella:

The energy I am getting on your relationship questions is it feels short yet long. I hope this makes sense. I heard two songs to validate this: “We’ve only just begun,” and “It’s been such a long time.” Now I heard – past life, which means you have been together before.

You must be very audible because I am hearing a lot already. I heard jealousy and Billy Joel’s song, “Honesty it’s such a lonely word and mostly what I need from you.” This is coming up in the reading because these issues need to be worked on. If it is not addressed ~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine

The Love Channel ~ April 2015

Love channel Belle







Dear Pamela,

I am travelling to Altea in Spain at Easter and, for some time, I have felt that my daughter and I will be meeting a significant love interest each. Do you see this too? Also, I feel a relocation to that area may happen.  I would value your insight on this please.

Mom and Daughter

Dear Mom and Daughter:

I’m hearing the song by 10CC, “The things we do for love.”  And I hear Steve Miller sing, “Look through the window, tell me what do you see?” and getting a vision of a big glass window that has a road with houses. What that means is make sure you want to really move because there is love in your own back yard. I see lots of men lined up at your door with tickets in their hand. I hear an announcer say, “We have a winner!” I see a man holding up a golden ticket, jumping up in down with excitement. He is now at your door on one knee while the other leg is bent, you are standing, and he grabs your hand and kisses it. With that, I am hearing Mr. Rogers sing, “Who are the people in your neighborhood.”

Your daughter is another story! Read more in Bellesprit Magazine

Affirmations for Manifestation

Pamela-Cummins Author, Coach, Psychic The Love Channel Show







Yesterday’s show was a topic dear to my heart because I know it works. Here is a brief synopsis of the show:
  • Dr. Stacey A. Maxwell unique idea about using affirmations to manifest abundance and my positive results.
  • Dyan Garris balloon theory.
  • How wording is important.
  • The power of writing your information.
  • The unique method I use to create a vision board.
  • Three daily thoughts from Shakti Gawain book Reflection in the Light
  •  Callers receive one question readings from me.
You can listen to the topic of affirmations and manifestation at The Love Channel Show

The Love Channel ~ January Column

Love channel Belle




Dear Pamela:
My name is Mike, I have 2 kids, and never been married.  I’m from the UK, but right now I am in Florida. My religion is Christianity and I’m Business man as a Fashion Designer. I’m looking for the right honest, caring, kind, trustworthy, God fearing woman that loves me and I love her forever. Do you see that happening and when?
God Bless,
Dear Mark,
I got a vision of a woman in a black dress Read the rest at …… Bellesprit Magazine