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There will be psychic readings all weekend long and lots of free presentations (more than on flyer). I will be doing Manifesting Love With The Angels and will be on for a couple of hours to do readings. Find out more at


The Love Channel: God Has a Better Plan than Your Expectation of ‘The Right One’

The Love Channel


Dear Pamela:

Will I meet someone this year that I can build a relationship and grow old with? A man with a moral compass, to attend church with, and with a sense of humor. Preferably, he would be military retired.


Dear Suzanna:

I heard. “Open your heart and receive.” I am seeing a book and my guides said, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” They just played Bad Company’s song, “Ready for love.” You are definitely ready for love, been ready! Although your fear is stopping it, and my guides added to set your fear FREE…

Suzanna, I’m getting ~ Read rest at Bellesprit Magazine

Communication on Love, Intuitively

Angela's Show

I am honored to be Angela Kaufman’s guest tonight on her radio show Love, Intuitively at 7 pm Eastern. The topic is communication! Listen in at Beyond Borders Radio.


Pros and Cons of Immediate Psychic Readings


I am celebrating my first anniversary of leaving psychic lines. Now, psychic readings in my private practice are by appointment only because I learned it benefits my clients. The following pros and cons are my observations and experiences as an adviser of immediate psychic readings.

Pro – You don’t have to wait for an appointment.

Con – It is expensive because you are paying much more per minute for the convenience of getting it immediately than you would pay for an appointment.

Pro – The majority of the lines makes their advisers go through testing before hiring them.

Con – Some lines have a lame testing process or none at all. One line tested me for two minutes before hiring me.

Pro – When you are going through a crisis you get immediate help.

Con – Your emotional energy is so overwhelming that it can get in the way of an accurate reading. Even when the psychic is accurate, you may disregard or hear the information incorrectly because you want what you want. You could spend time and money arguing with the psychic that the message they’re channeling is incorrect. Or do reading hopping with different readers to hear what you want to hear.

Pro – You can get psychic readings every day.

Con – You could become addicted to readings instead of taking responsibility for your life or dealing with your feelings. Instead of using food or a substance, you are using readings to make your life better. This keeps you stuck instead of growing. An ethical psychic wouldn’t accept calls from a client every day; however, an adviser would be fired from the psychic line for telling that to a client.

Pro – You could get your favorite psychic adviser right away.

Con – The adviser could be exhausted from caller after caller when the lines are busy. On the other hand, if the lines are slow, you may have interrupted the reader when she was on Facebook, reading a book, or watching TV and isn’t that focused to give you a reading.

These cons are some of the reasons I left the lines. Here are other personal reasons why I think appointments are better than instant readings.

  • Clients in crisis have had a little time to process their emotions; therefore the messages are usually clearer and they can hear it better.
  • The majority of my clients want to make changes and grow.
  • I can stop clients from becoming addicted to me so they have to make their own choices.
  • I am a better reader because I’m not overwhelmed from caller after caller or bored waiting for a call.
  • I get awesome messages before the session for my clients before they ask a single question.
  • I like knowing in advance what my schedule is for clients, which allows more time for projects like my upcoming eBook The Secret Language of Dreams.

If you ever do need an immediate psychic reading, I highly recommend Best Psychic Directory where I personally know some of the readers. I am available by appointments for psychic readings, coaching, and dream interpretation on my website.

In the Dreamtime: Romance, Time Travel Escape from Aliens, and Deceased Daughters Flowers


This month’ s column we take a journey into a romantic interlude, using time travel to escape aliens, and flowers from a deceased daughter.


I had a very romantic dream about a man I really like. We walked in a park hand in hand and then were transported into his bedroom. Along the length of one wall was a lot coal fire, flames were flickering. The opposite wall contained a window and outside it was a dark, stormy night with the sea waves crashing against the rocks outside. His bed was soft and warm like a marshmallow where we kissed. The dream was vivid and highly romantic emotionally.


Read the interpretation at Bellesprit Magazine


The Show Must Go On

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True Psychic Networks is undergoing major change. The Love Channel Show radio show will now be with Goldylocks Productions at the same time Wednesdays 3pm Eastern. This Wednesday, my special guest is an animal communicator, Janet Roper.




Please join me live or listen in the archives. The call in number is 323-870-3791


The Love Channel – July 2015

Love channel Belle

The Love Channel – Let go of a past relationship and move forward is the message love expert, Pamela Cummins gives to her reader’s question.


Dear Pamela:

When I got together with my ex-boyfriend about two and a half years ago, it was at a very difficult time in my life. I broke up with him several times and then ran back. After the third time, he refused to take me back. We have been apart for a year and a half now. After I begged and begged for him to come back, he refused to continue the cycle. I discontinued calling him. After 6 months, he called me and we were talking once in a while for the last six months without no progression. At one point, I said to him, “We haven’t seen each other for a long time and we don’t even know if we would still like each other-wouldn’t you kind of like to know?” He replied,~ Read the rest at Bellesprit Magazine